The Titanic Trail Cobh (Queenstown) Cork, Ireland, is a fascinating guided tour that explores the town of Cobh in Cork Harbour which was the last port of call of RMS Titanic. This Irish heritage walking tour takes visitors through the historic town of Cobh where the buildings, streets and piers have not changed since the Titanic’s sinking over 100 years ago.

The entertaining and innovative Titanic Trail has been operating every day since 1998. The one hour escorted tour, with specially trained guides, brings to life the story of Titanic, and the events in the town on the day Titanic left her last anchorage to sail into her icy fate in the North Atlantic.

Cork historian, <a href=””>Dr Michael Martin</a>, the creator of the <strong>Titanic Trail</strong>, offers a truly authentic Titanic experience. Other fascinating tours include the Spike Island Tour and an eerie Ghost Walk of the town which highlights the haunted sites and paranormal activity in Cobh. New this year is the 2012 Centenary Tour which commemorates the 100th anniversary of the sinking of <strong>RMS Titanic</strong>.

The Titanic Trail has been filmed by 20th Century Fox, National Geographic and many other travel documentaries.

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