Discover the unique connections that Cobh has with various events in Irish and world History. Mass emigration, Famine, Convict ships, The Titanic, The Lusitania. The “Queenstown Story” introduces the visitor to the amazing history of Cobh and awakes the curiosity of the visitor.. This is an educational, interesting and sometimes emotive journey through the centuries of Irish emigration from this historic port.
Our journey starts in the 17th century when many Irish emigrants treavelled to the colonies of Virginia and also to the West Indies where they toiled on the various plantations as indentured servants. By the 18th century the destination was Australia for thousands of Irish convicts , male and female, young and old.
By the 19th century , sometimes on organised government schemes, the Irish were on their way to Canada and the United states in search of a better life. Many Irish people also found themselves in various parts of South America- Argentina, Chile , Brazil etc.
The story would not be complete without the human stories of those who traveled on both The Titanic and The Lusitania, our exhibition includes many individual stories of passengers on both these famous ocean liners.
“Take a walk in the footsteps of our emigrant ancestors”